James Finch - Light collection #05

Light collection: Image #05

The Shrine pour Cosmic bike polo

Hats off to the cosmic trio! Cosmic bike polo

Nearly there, spring field

The void of Spring 2013 . . . come on Mother Nature.

Circles in cirlces

Vinyl lines.

Post surf musings at Widemouth bay

The sea was nine degrees (post surf musings at Widemouth bay). Shiver me timbers!

Sub Polygon Displacement in Cinema 4D

Sub polygon displacement in Cinema 4D. Hours of fun.

Light image number 4 from the light collection

Light collection: Image #04

Perfect light on an air vent

I know, it's just an air vent, but the form and light is amazing.

Train station lettering

Love this machine font, amazing attention to detail with the spacing. Portugal didn't disappoint.

Beach House - Live at End of the Road

Beach House - moving people at End of the Road.

Affected typeface - letter O

Letter form as art. Hopefully I will find time to complete the alphabet.

Light image number 3 from the light collection

Light collection: Image #03 (one of my favourites, obelisk like)

Bow and Arrow

Old habits die hard, I've been making these bamboo bow and arrows for too many years now. Long may it continue.

Car on highway, Nazca Peru

Nazca(r) Peru.

Perfect failure of a defect Polaroid

Perfect failure of a defect polaroid, I see fold mountains.

Light image number 2 from the light collection

Light collection: Image #02

London Museum of Motorcycle

Spent an afternoon admiring the collection of motorcycles at the London Motorcycle Museum. Vincents, Panthers, Douglas', BSA's to name a few. A real treat. I suggest a trip, support the cause.

Light number one from the Light collection

Light collection: Image #01

Wolf in an enclosure in Sweden

Enclosure in Hudik, Sweden.

Bees in harmony on flower

I had to do a double take as these Bees mirrored each other on a flower in the Swedish countryside.

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I’m a graphic designer and front-end developer living and working in London. My design ethic is unobtrusive, where function should be equal to form. I find this balance to bring the best results.

I work across a range of media, largely for screen and print. I approach every project based on its individual requirements — from research to finished article every project is completed with craft and care.

I currently work full-time for Liberty as their Senior Digital Designer and have also been freelancing for the past seven years.

If you are interested in my work or would like some more information please contact me.

This site is a responsive site utilising wordpress as a cms.

+44 (0)7900 271 242

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  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Indesign

  • CODE:

  • HTML(5)

  • CSS(3) + SASS Pre-processing

  • Jquery

  • PHP

  • Sublime Text 2 and Live Reload development environment


  • Cinema 4D / After Effects / Final Cut Pro